Social Wall Add-on for UserPro

Let your members interact with each other on a social wall.

Just activate the add-on & create a page “Social Wall” with the shortcode as follows :

[userpro template=socialwall]

For settings of the Social Wall add-on, go to WordPress Dashboard > UserPro > SocialWall. Specify a title for your Social Wall & the number of posts (social feed like status updates & comments) to display on the page.

Some features of Social Wall Add-on for UserPro are as follows :

  • Allow users to share posts with each other.
  • Allow users to share images with each other.
  • Allow users to comment on each other’s posts.
  • Allow users to like / unlike posts.
  • Limit the number of posts displayed on the social wall.
  • Administrators can delete any user’s post or comment.
  • Setting at UserPro backend to enable/disable the wall display to visitors.
  • Allow users to report the post as objectionable.
  • Allow admin to bulk delete the posts and comments by filering the post dates.

Note: You need the latest version of UserPro (or minimum version 2.15) & Social Wall for UserPro in order to to use the above shortcode. Please click here to download the add-on.

You can also have a look at the Youtube video for more information: How to use UserPro Social Wall Add-on.

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