Setting up Connect (add-on version 1.7 or above)

(Important note: social login require PHP 7.2 version or above) Install Social Connect for UserPro and activate it. Go to and click Create application. Enter Title and select Website as Platform. Fill Website address and Base domain. Click Connect Site. Go to Settings. In the Authorized redirect […]

Setting up Twitter Connect (from version 4.9.39)

Go to and press Create New App Choose planned use for Your application, fill in required fields, that ask about how this application will be used, accept to terms and conditions of the twitter. Once You’re done, You want to return to this page: In “Projects & Apps” click […]

Setting up Instagram Connect (from version 4.9.24)

Go to Enter all required information. In the Valid redirect URIs field enter your site url and /wp-content/plugins/userpro/lib/instagram/auth.php at the end. Click Register. Press Manage on the created app. Copy Client ID and Client Secret. Go to Permissions settings and press Start a submission. Fallow steps in order to […]

Setting up Google+ Connect (from version 4.9.39)

Go to Press Select a project and click NEW PROJECT. In the next window enter Project Name and press Create. Select a project and go to the Library. Search for Google+ API and click on it. Press Enable button in this API settings. Go to the Credentials settings and […]

Setting up Linkedin Connect (from version 4.9.38)

Go to and press Create Application. Enter all required information and press Submit button. Next in “Products” tab look for “Sign In With Linkedin” and Select it Then in “Auth” tab look for Authorized Redirect URLs field and enter your site url and /wp-content/plugins/userpro/lib/linkedin/auth.php at the end and click […]

How to Manage Conditional Field

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to UserPro > Fields. Click on Setting button of the field: In field setting section you can see option for “Manage Conditional Field”: Field: First select the field, using which you want to change the behavior of the current field. Condition: Select the condition for which you […]

Send Message to Connections using Private Messaging Add-on

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to UserPro -> Private Messaging -> Messaging Options. Allow users to send message to their connections set as “Yes”. After enabling this option it will display “Send message to connections” button on profile page. Using the same button you can send message to your […]

How to Setup User Connections

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to UserPro > Settings > General Enable Connections set as “Yes” After Enabling Connections Feature it will Display Connection Button on Members Directory page: Logged in User Can Accept/Reject Connection Request from their profile page. How to Delete Connection : Go to Profile page […]

Multiple Registration Forms

You can create multiple registration forms Go to UserPro > Multiple Registration Forms > Setup Multiple Forms Enter the form unique name e.g. type=new_student which will load new_student registration form fields as example. Example [userpro template=register type=”new_student”] How to Edit your multiple registration forms Go to UserPro > Multiple Registration Forms > […]