FeedBlitz Addon for UserPro

This addon integrates with FeedBlitz. Keep your users updated with the current news using the FeedBlitz UserPro addon.

1. Create a new app in your Feedblitz account here: https://www.feedblitz.com/f?pl_api/

2. Copy your API Key , Feed ID and Publisher ID from your Application Settings (you will need it later)

3. Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to UserPro > Newsletter Option > FeedBlitz Settings

4. Under FeedBlitz Settings paste your API Key,Feed ID and Publisher ID in the setting fields

5. Save changes

6. After saving the changes you only need to add the “Subscribe to newsletter” field in your Fields Group.

Note: You need the latest version of UserPro (or minimum version 2.31) to use this add-on. Please click here to download the add-on.

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