Tags Addon for UserPro

Tags add-on for UserPro allow users to add tags to their profiles easily. Tags provide a useful way to group related profiles together. Also make it easier for people to find out related user profiles.

How to add tags

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > UserPro
  2. Here you can see multiple tabs. Click on Fields tab.
  3. Fields tab contains two sections named Groups & Fields and 31 fields available
  4. Under 31 fields available section tags field is available. You just have to drag and drop this field to Registration Fields or Edit Profile Fields
  5. Save changes

How to create Tags

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > UserPro > Create Tags

How to search Tags

  1. To search tags click on tag which is available on users profile or also you can search it by following url

You can also have a look at the Youtube video for more information: How to use UserPro User Tags Add-on.  Please click here to download the add-on.

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