Media Manager Add-on for UserPro

This plugin adds Media gallery capability to user profiles.

Just activate the add-on to enable Media Gallery on your site.

By default the MediaManager feature will be added to your Edit Profile Page / View Profile Page. A preview will be displayed for all the media uploaded by the user.

Some features of MediaManager Add-on for UserPro are as follows :

  • Users can now create more lively profiles by adding multiple files – pictures, videos and audio files to their profile ( using UserPro ).
  • Images can be opened in a lightbox.
  • Pagination for media files is available.
  • You can restrict the file types for uploads – e.g. jpeg, png etc.
  • You can restrict the file size for uploads.
  • You can enable/disable the setting for media gallery tab.
  • You can upload multiple files at a time.
  • For Admin User – Can limit the number uploads for users. You can set different limits for audio,video and images. For unlimited uploads, you can set it to minus 1 ( -1). That is the default value too.

Note: You need the latest version of Media Manager for UserPro in order to enable the Media Gallery. Please click here to download the add-on.

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