Set an default image for profiles

You can change default_avatar_male and default_avatar_female in img folder Note : On updates, you will need to replace them again. Use default gravatars until users upload a custom avatar for this site under Profile Settings, if you set this to “NO”; default male/female avatars will be used (not the gravatar by […]

Check if viewing own profile

You can use existing API function that returns true if you are in your own profile, or viewing another profile (false) <?php global $userpro; if ($userpro->viewing_his_profile()){ // viewing his own profile } else { // viewing another user profile } ?>

Display current count of bookmarks, followers and following for a user

To display the count of following for a user: get_current_user_id() is current logged in user ID. We assume you will check that the user has logged in already <?php global $userpro; echo $userpro_social->following_count_plain(get_current_user_id()); ?> To display the count of followers for a user: <?php global $userpro; echo $userpro_social->followers_count_plain(get_current_user_id()); ?> These […]

Return the profile image in full size

To return the profile picture URL, which you can use as full width image, you need to use API: userpro_profile_data(‘profilepicture’, $user_id); This will display the FULL IMAGE SIZE url. Now you can use it anyway you want.

Display all comments by a user

You need to display them with custom code to show comments. UserPro does not show user’s comments by default. Here are a link to help you :

Change global language of UserPro

A .po file exists in your UserPro/Language directory. For translating with Poedit follow the link: Create a .pot or .po File using Poedit here: