Add My Uploads & Videos to the profile page

Go to Fields tab > You can add A NEW FIELD (videos are html fields or text fields that have youtube video url) if you make a new html field, user can put html code (embed code of video) for photos, add a new field > Picture field > and […]

Assign posts to a category automatically specified by admin

Go onto the posts category page, then in the add new category section enter the name as: Category_name_of_your_choice and the slug as: same_as_category_name Use the shortcode [userpro template=publish publish_heading=”Write an article” taxonomy=category category=category_name_of your_choice publish_button_primary=submit]

Change the default state of the MailChimp’s “subscribe to newsletter” checkbox to checked.

In fields-functions.php Edit: $res .= “<div class=’userpro-checkbox-wrap’>”; $res .= “<label class=’userpro-checkbox full’><span “; $res .= ‘></span><input type=”checkbox” value=”unsubscribed” name=”‘.$key.’-‘.$i.'” ‘; $res .= ” />”.$array[‘list_text’].”</label>”; $res .= “</div>”; To $res .= “<div class=’userpro-checkbox-wrap’>”; $res .= “<label class=’userpro-checkbox full’><span class=’checked'”; $res .= ‘></span><input type=”checkbox” value=”unsubscribed” checked=”checked” name=”‘.$key.’-‘.$i.'” ‘; $res .= ” />”.$array[‘list_text’].”</label>”; […]

Translate forms in a specific language

You have to translate the forms (login, register ect in your wordpress backend). Visit your dashboard and go to UserPro -> UserPro tab. There you will found all available forms. Just push the little “plus” or “gear” and you can translate this forms into your language.

Customize template for following and followers

Paste this code /userpro/followers.php in your theme. if (locate_template(‘userpro/’ . $template . ‘.php’) != ”) { include get_template_directory() . ‘/userpro/’. $template . ‘.php’; } else { include userpro_sc_path . “templates/$template.php”; } So it works/gets loaded the same way you customize a standard login.php or view.php template.