Translate forms in a specific language

You have to translate the forms (login, register ect in your wordpress backend). Visit your dashboard and go to UserPro -> UserPro tab. There you will found all available forms. Just push the little “plus” or “gear” and you can translate this forms into your language.

Customize template for following and followers

Paste this code /userpro/followers.php in your theme. if (locate_template(‘userpro/’ . $template . ‘.php’) != ”) { include get_template_directory() . ‘/userpro/’. $template . ‘.php’; } else { include userpro_sc_path . “templates/$template.php”; } So it works/gets loaded the same way you customize a standard login.php or view.php template.

Display the social bar of a logged user outside view.php

To use/show the social icons outside view.php you can use the integratable version (with easy API method) here is an example: echo $this->show_social_bar_clean(‘user_id’); This is an example already used in bbPress forum integration, you can integrate the social icons bar anywhere you want via the UserPro API function above. If […]

Change badge size

The badges are adjusted by this class by default img.userpro-profile-badge { margin: 0 2px !important; top: 0 !important; vertical-align: middle !important; box-shadow: none !important; padding: 0 !important; max-width: 16px !important; max-height: 16px !important; position: relative !important; display: inline !important; } Change the max-width and max-height and create specific badge width/height […]

Link to URL Followers & Following

You can use API to do this. Use this to generate link for FOLLOWERS echo $userpro->permalink($user_id, ‘followers’, ‘userpro_sc_pages’); For FOLLOWING same echo $userpro->permalink($user_id, ‘following’, ‘userpro_sc_pages’); Remember to change $user_id with the dynamic user id you want. This will link to followers/following page for specific user.