This shortcode will display the followers of user profile in a list way. See live example

How to Embed This Shortcode in Editor

[userpro template=followers]

How to Embed This Shortcode with PHP

<?php echo do_shortcode('[userpro template=followers]'); ?>

Shortcode Options


Options are used to customize the shortcode and can be assigned as a pair option=value in your shortcode like this.

[userpro template=followers option=value]

  • user – If you want to display followers list for specific user (outside the followers frontend page) you can use this option to embed the followers of any user anywhere on your blog. The value can be “author” or “loggedin” or “USERNAME”. e.g. author will show followers list of post author, loggedin will show followers list for current logged user, and USERNAME will show the followers list for any custom user you specify.
  • followers_per_page – To display the pagination with specified number of followers. Specify any integer value.

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