Activate UserPro License Using Envato Personal Token

This is a guide for license activation, after UserPro update.

1. Visit:

2. After scrolling down, You will see:

3. Click “Create a new token”

4. Assign permissions:

  • “View and search Envato sites” (Should be marked by default)
  • “Verify purchases the user has made”

5. Click “Create Token”, then copy Your generated token to the UserPro “Licensing” page:

6.  Visit: and download Your purchase code:

7. Copy&Paste Your purchase code to the UserPro “Licensing” page as well


Note: Due to Envato token caching, it may take some time for token permissions to apply, or You will have to re-create Your token a couple of times, until API starts to read it properly.

It is also strongly advisable to double check permissions: “Verify purchases of the user’s items” sounds similar to “Verify purchases the user has made”,  but if You mix them up, it will not work.

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