Private Messaging Add-on for UserPro

This plugin adds private messaging between users, and allow users to receive notifications about new messages, view conversations, reply to other users. It includes nice features such as emotions, nice Ajax notifications, easy conversations and quick-reply.

Just activate the add-on & only one shortcode is needed to enable private messaging on your site.

By default the Private Messaging feature will be added to your Profile Page. You can use the add-on on any post / page / widget with the help of the shortcode.

How to Embed This Shortcode in Editor


How to change admin default message?

Go to UserPro -> Private Messagining -> Automated Welcome Message -> Message Body -> Change the message according to the need of an admin.

How to broadcast a message?

Go to UserPro -> Private Messagining -> Broadcast Message -> Enable the Broadcast Message Settings and enter the roles that will be able to broadcast messages to all other users

Show messages of logged-in user


Note: You need the latest version of Private Messages for UserPro in order to use the above shortcode. Please click here to download the add-on.

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