General Shortcode Options

  • max_width – Set the maximum width for plugin / shortcode. This option can be a % e.g. 100% or pixels. Default is 480px (To make the plugin take full width, set it to 100%)
  • profile_thumb_size – Controls the user profile photo or thumbnail size in profile view. Enter the size you want as numeric value only. Default is 80 (Profile photo will be up to 80 pixels)
  • allow_sections – Enable/disable field sections globally. By default this is 1 (enabled)
  • keep_one_section_open – Should the plugin keep only one section (group of fields) open at all times. Default: 0
  • margin_top – Distance to add to the top margin of plugin. Default: 0 (zero gap from top)
  • margin_bottom – Distance to add to the bottom margin of plugin. Default: 30px (Add 30 pixels margin to bottom)
  • align – Alignment of shortcode. This can be center, left, or right. Default: center
  • layout – Controls the layout of profile fields, this can be either “float” or “none”. Default: float

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