Add custom search filter to EMD & Members Directory

  • Create your custom field
  • After this drag & drop this field to your “Groups & Fields” section e.g. “Edit Profile Fields”
  • Open the file /userpro/addons/emd/functions/shortcode-main.php
  • Right under line 17 add this code:

$args['emd_custom_field_name']='Search by custom_field_name,dropdown';

  • Tip: Just copy line 17 & put it right under it (line 18) & then customise it.
  • On your “Enhanced Member Directory” page use this shortcode:

[userpro template=emd emd_fields='gender,country,custom_field_name']

  • If there is a chance to not rely on the emd shortcode this way here is far more easier, simply use:

[userpro template=memberlist search_artistry='custom_field_name,dropdown']

  • And no customisation is needed!

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