A Lot of Whitespace / Display Does Not Look Right

If your shortcodes or profile looks odd (e.g. Some big whitespaces, Facebook connect not working, and overall elements DO NOT look like the live demo!) this can be caused by:

  • Your theme is adding auto-paragraph to all shortcodes
  • One of your plugins is adding auto-paragraph to all shortcodes

Adding auto-paragraphs to all shortcodes is not a proper code and leads to cause problems to UserPro shortcodes. If you have such an issue, you can debug it yourself and fix it.

Here is the solution

  • Deactivate current theme and plugins
  • Check that the issue is gone now
  • Activate your theme/plugins one by one until you find the conflicting plugin
  • Please disable the conflicting item

To have your theme/plugin debugged, please submit a support request in our forums.

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