Import users

You can easily import users from your another sites. You need to have file in CSV format. In your CSV file the column name should match with your userpro field name.Example : user_login field name represent username so in this case your column name should be user_login. Go to Userpro > […]

Setup Invitation Based Registration

Go to Userpro > Invite User (UserPro version 2.17 & above) Enable invivation based registration Add desired content in Email template alongwith {inivitelink} code – which will send the invitation link In Invite Users section, enter comma seperated list of email ids and click on Invite button.

Change date format for UserPro Pages

You can change the date format for UserPro Pages (UserPro version 2.8 & above) Go to UserPro > Global Options > General > Date format You can set the date format as one of the following : dd-mm-yy mm-dd-yy yy-dd-mm yy-mm-dd

Show a welcome message to loggedin user

You need to use this shortcode [userpro_loggedin] Welcome, [user_login]! Your current user role is [role] and here is your current profile picture [profilepicture round] [/userpro_loggedin] This shortcode will work only if the user is loggedin on your site. The fields can be customized as per the information you want to […]

Display a list of members who are online

Use this shortcode to display online users in horizontal list : [userpro template=online no_style=true disable_name_hooks=true online_mode=horizontal max_width=”100%”] Use this shortcode to display online users in vertical list: [userpro template=online no_style=true disable_name_hooks=true]

Add the follow button to user posts/ images /other places on the site

Use this php code: $author_id=get_the_author_ID(); $current_user_id=get_current_user_id(); if($author_id != $current_user_id) { echo $userpro_social->follow_text($author_id, $current_user_id); } This will allow users to follow the author of the post/page. This will prevent the follow button to be displayed if you are logged in and it’s your own post as well.