Change date format for UserPro Pages

You can change the date format for UserPro Pages (UserPro version 2.8 & above) Go to UserPro > Global Options > General > Date format You can set the date format as one of the following : dd-mm-yy mm-dd-yy yy-dd-mm yy-mm-dd

Show a welcome message to loggedin user

You need to use this shortcode [userpro_loggedin] Welcome, [user_login]! Your current user role is [role] and here is your current profile picture [profilepicture round] [/userpro_loggedin] This shortcode will work only if the user is loggedin on your site. The fields can be customized as per the information you want to […]

Display a list of members who are online

Use this shortcode to display online users in horizontal list : [userpro template=online no_style=true disable_name_hooks=true online_mode=horizontal max_width=”100%”] Use this shortcode to display online users in vertical list: [userpro template=online no_style=true disable_name_hooks=true]

Add the follow button to user posts/ images /other places on the site

Use this php code: $author_id=get_the_author_ID(); $current_user_id=get_current_user_id(); if($author_id != $current_user_id) { echo $userpro_social->follow_text($author_id, $current_user_id); } This will allow users to follow the author of the post/page. This will prevent the follow button to be displayed if you are logged in and it’s your own post as well.

Add a follow button

You need to use the API for that. <?php global $userpro_social; echo $userpro_social->follow_text(‘following_who_user_id’, get_current_user_id()); ?> The first parameter is the user id to follow, the second parameter is who will follow him.