UserPro is powered by a solid and powerful yet very easy API and functions that can help you do a lot of stuff just by writing little code. All available API functions will be introduced in this guide. Please read the introduction If you are new to UserPro API. You should have […]


There are two ways to upgrade UserPro to the latest version. Do not worry! You will not lose any settings or custom fields If you upgrade using the following instructions. Method 1: Upgrading via the WordPress dashboard Login to your site via WordPress dashboard Remove the current UserPro plugin (old […]

Reinstalling UserPro

This option will reset plugin to factory settings including all fields and initial pages. When something goes wrong, you can always try to reset UserPro to factory settings by re-installing it completely from the plugin admin panel. Access your WordPress dashboard and navigate to UserPro > Customize Fields after that click on […]

Default Setup

When you activate UserPro, the plugin will automatically create the necessary frontend pages, and installs default settings. You’re ready to use it immediately without doing any changes. The plugin automatically creates: Profile Pages Default Fields Default Forms (Register / Login / Profile) If for some reason, the fields appear missing […]

Installing UserPro

If you have just purchased UserPro, please make sure to download the most updated version of the plugin (which is available through our customer portal only) The first step is to make sure you already have the latest code running from here.

General Shortcode Options

The shortcode reference includes all shortcodes available for UserPro, plus all options you can use within the shortcodes and what they do exactly. Use this guide to create the shortcode you want and customize it to your needs. This is documentation for general shortcode options. For detailed options for each […]