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Customize Your UserPro CSS

This short guide helps you customize your UserPro css. First, in order to make custom css rules that won’t be overwritten by a plugin update, go to your theme folder and create a folder structure like this:

Now create an empty style.css file and place it inside this folder. […]

Aweber Mailing List Integration

You can use your Aweber Authorization Code to allow integration with Aweber subscription on your WordPress site. To get your Aweber authorization code & Aweber List ID click here Copy your Aweber Authorization Code & Aweber List Id since you will need it later. Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to UserPro -> Global Options […]

Twitter login just refresh the page?

This may be due to invalid callback URL in your app settings. To fix this issue please do the following step, in addition to the standard Twitter setup. Add your site homepage as the callback URL in your Twitter app settings.

Profile links are broken – 404 error

This can happen accidentally, when you go to view another member profile you get a 404 error (Not found) what you need to do in most cases is just saving your permalink structure under WordPress settings. Try the following steps to correct this problem: Login to your WordPress dashboard (as […]

Profile pictures DO NOT appear

This can be due to incorrect file permissions preventing profile pictures cache from working properly. To resolve/debug this issue, please click on the profile picture to check what errors you get in the address bar. Before trying the following solution please make sure that gravatars is turned on under your […]

A Lot of Whitespace / Display Does Not Look Right

If your shortcodes or profile looks odd (e.g. Some big whitespaces, Facebook connect not working, and overall elements DO NOT look like the live demo!) this can be caused by: Your theme is adding auto-paragraph to all shortcodes One of your plugins is adding auto-paragraph to all shortcodes Adding auto-paragraphs […]