Language Translation

You can create a PO file for the translations in your language and then you can create a MO file out of that. There are several PO to MO generator available online for free.

JSON.parse : SyntaxError error on site

This error can be caused by several factors but in the vast majority of cases it is due to a theme/plugin conflict. To find out what is causing this error please first change your theme to the default theme. If after changing to the default WordPress theme the error is […]

UserPro slowing website down

If you are experiencing a slowdown in your site after installing UserPro it is probably due to your hosting provider not having the resources to handle our activity feature. To speed up your site you can try turning off the activity log. Go to Settings > Compatibility > Turn-off activity […]

Not all of the pre-installed fields are showing

There are 24 pre-installed fields with UserPro. Very rarely you may find that not all of the fields are showing when you install UserPro. If this happens on your install please try clicking the “restore default fields” button which is located on the fields page just above the 24 fields […]

Author and comments picture out of frame

Add this to your CSS div.userpro-awsm-pic { margin-left: -48px !important; top: -48px; .comment-list .modified.avatar { border-radius: 999px; } } div.userpro-profile-img { height: 80px; width: 80px; } .userpro-sc-left br { display: none; } div.userpro-sc-bar { height: 38px; } .author-image img { border-radius: 999px; }

CSS FIX for Front-end editor

Currently you can only type about 7 lines of text before your text disappears. This CSS needs to be added so that the editor will automatically add a scrollbar to your entry. Add this code to any CSS stylesheet to automatically add a scrollbar to your entry. iframe#userpro_editor_ifr { overflow: […]